Profile PictureThe Honourable Elizabeth A. Baker

The Honourable Elizabeth A. Baker is a new renaissance artist whose work is best expressed as a constantly evolving practice that doesn’t fit neatly into definition or expectation boxes. It is an artistic body of work vast in scope and scale outside of the confines of a simple elevator pitch, unrestrained and unencapsulated.

In recent years Elizabeth’s commitment to pushing herself and the scope of her work has manifested as a deeply in-depth and time intensive process of creating pieces that involve new systems of notation from time-cones to video scores as well as creating new virtual instruments based on original samples from archives and field recordings collected by Elizabeth both nationally and internationally. Building the virtual instruments and backend of these notation systems to create new works for herself and others can take upwards of 30 to 100 hours.

Within her role as sonic practice artist, Elizabeth’s extensive and evolving setup, lovingly referred to as “The Spaceship” includes a variety of semi-modular analogue synths, interactive MIDI controllers driven by movement and sound, theremins, multiple computers and mobile devices, found objects, toy piano, harmonium, handmade hydrophones, as well as a 6’ 2” custom double-sided non-resonant amplified zither designed and built by experimental luthier John C. L. Jansen, named “Black Moon Lilith.”

On GUMROAD you will find original samples from field recordings and studio gear created by The Honourable Elizabeth A. Baker and curated for your creative use.